Battle Of Orgreave: Just How Much Did The Government Encourage Violence?

In 1984 Thatcher was hell bent on destroying every Union in the country. Her only interest was for bosses to impose any pay and conditions they saw fit. The Union members were viewed by her as little more than children to be sent up to clean chimneys.

When she came up against the miners she was determined to break them and she didn’t mind how it was done. The more intimidating the police force could be, the better. The more like a military force they could act, the better.

Her obsession reached the point where a former officer is prepared to confirm that they were told to use “as much force as possible”.

The most significant event of the dispute occurred at Orgreave. The officer said, “They were anticipating trouble and in some ways relishing it and looking forward to it,”

“It was a licence to do what we wanted, which I didn’t think was right because we didn’t know what was going to happen.”

“There were running battles and miners were falling over and police officers were batoning them,” the officer said.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was just seeing police officers attack people. These were people on the ground and even if they weren’t doing anything – just walking away – police officers had their batons and they were just hitting people.”

Home Secretary Amber Rude has promised she will announce whether there will be an inquiry into the clashes by the end of October.

Unsurprising the nasty little Thatcher Stormtrooper, Norman Tebbit, said a new inquiry would be “a waste of time and money”. Sounds like he has got something to hide.


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