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Rail Fares ‘To Rise By 4.1%’

Soon commuters will not be able to afford to go to work in the first place! Yet another above inflation price hike for the rail traveller who may well have to stand up for the entire journey. This has all of … Continue reading

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After MPs Slip The HS2 Estimate Is Now Officially Raised!

Without so much as a sleeper having been moved out of the yard the estimate for the HS2 for that there London has gone up by 30%! They have been forced to admit it is now up to £42.6bn for those in … Continue reading

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HS2 Vote Up In That There London This Week – A Con Trick

Just as long as our politicians spend loads of money, that we haven’t got, up there in that there London that seems pretty fair to us. You can bet Ollie Let–Me-Have-A-Quiet-Life–Win will be putting the case forward for some of that … Continue reading

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West Coast Main Line Farce Cost Us At Least £50 Million!

A “complete lack of common sense” in the Department for Transport’s handling of  the West Coast Main Line franchise deal will cost taxpayers “£50m at the very  least”, MPs have said. This was the utter cockup that Justine Greening lorded … Continue reading

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Greening MP Costs Us £40 Million And Keeps Her Job – So Far

Tax payers, which is all of us, will now have to pay £40,000,000 because Greening appears to have no idea about the job we were paying her to do. Would have been nice if she had told us how clueless … Continue reading

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