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How Long Will It Be Before We Can Watch The ‘News’?

Have we got this ‘Non-Story’ for the next 8 months? Let’s hope there is nothing to talk about so, please, just let her get on with it. Shock report to the Media from us is that she is not the … Continue reading

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Starbucks Solution To Their ‘Tax Issue’?

This LINK reads like a spoof so we’ll let you follow it and make your own minds up. While we don’t want to sway you it is possible that while their tax ‘situation’ didn’t stop you using them this might … Continue reading

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Too Late Now! If Only………….

Was this such a clever idea? Such inappropriate footwear could easliy have resulted in a fall onto the hard surface. Check. (Yes, yes, we heard you. We’ll ‘go and live in France’ and all the usual abuse that gets thrown at … Continue reading

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Exciting News You WILL All Want To Read About!

Yes, it’s what you have all been waiting for and we have it here for you first. The Rugby World Cup Draw For 2015! As an ex-player let us know, “If that’s not a draw designed to get New Zealand … Continue reading

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“I’ve Got Pots Of Money And Can Afford Expensive Lawyers”

We’ve heard this before somewhere and just can’t remember where. It goes along the lines of, ‘I’m so loaded I can prevent people talking by threatening legal action. I can do this because I know they can’t afford to take me … Continue reading

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Hodge, Starbucks And The Possible ‘Stemcor Affair’

While Starbucks are going after all the publicity they can get given their change of heart over Tax it seems that not everyone involved is. It would appear that Hodge MP is not very keen on anyone discussing the issues involved … Continue reading

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