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Donny Dump Reads Out A Message Prepared For Him By Those Who Are Really In Charge

You wonder who is really pulling his strings. Pretty obvious he had nothing to do with text involved in this ‘speech’ as his eyes remain glued to his written notes. Handwritten by him by any chance? It’s only been a … Continue reading

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Rationing Of Iceberg Lettuces Blamed On Brexit

With supermarkets rationing iceberg lettuces we will need to last the entire weekend before we can restock our larders. Such deprivation and restrictions never existed until the vote for Brexit. Is this just the tip of the iceberg of the … Continue reading

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Fake Trump Lashes Out At Fake News

Having ‘won’ an election on the strength of fake news Donny Dump is now concerned about fake news. The guy is priceless! With the allegation of Russia ‘fixing’ the election for Donny to win he’s now concerned that they might … Continue reading

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Get Ready For Even MORE Fake News

Surprise, surprise. Sky and Fox have managed to reach an agreement on the terms for a takeover deal. Well, who would have thunk it? Rupert Murdouchie will pay (himself?) £11.7bn for the 61% of Sky he currently doesn’t already own. … Continue reading

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BBC Presenters: Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind.

HMRC are taking a look at over 100 BBC presenters to see if they paid too little tax. They appear to have claimed they were working as freelancers although, to the untrained eye, it was pretty obvious they were BBC … Continue reading

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Ken Clarke MP Explains The Potential Of Each Candidate In The Leadership Race

Kenny Clarke and Malcolm ‘Entitled Rifkind were in the Sky News studio just after a spot of lunch. Full of food and drink, no doubt, they went on to explain all about the Conservative leadership candidates- even calling one a … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Moment On The BBC News When Things Don’t Go To Plan

What could be more innocent? Interview a few people in the street in Manchester while they are on a march to save the NHS from the Tory cuts. What could possibly go wrong?

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Fox News Facts! Fair And Balanced! My Arse!

Well apart from the utter bollox they and their guests come out with of course. A genuine Nut-Job, Steve Emerson, told viewers to the Murdouche channel, “There are ‘actual’ cities like Birmingham that are TOTALLY Muslim where Non-Muslims just simply … Continue reading

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Just Because Your Phone Has A Camera Doesn’t Mean You Must Take A Snap

With the news channels inviting people to send their ‘pictures of the storm’ in you can see why people do it but really? Is this what we have descended to? LINK to the photo gallery

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Lynton Crosby Is Confident He Has The BBC News Under Control

“OK Dave, they are ‘on message’ now and we will keep the TV Tax for them” “If we say there ISN’T a protest march then there ISN’T a protest march” This is BEFORE they try and bring in The Gagging Law: This … Continue reading

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