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An Open Letter To Jeremy Isa Hunt MP

One of our members of staff was close to pegging it. A heart attack waiting to happen with blood pressure that was off the pre-printed recording charts.  At his point a phone call needed to be made. Who should they ring? … Continue reading

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‘Ed Milibland For Prime Minister’ From Us In March 2012

Seems a few in the Labour Party are coming to the same conclusion we brought to you back in March of 2012 with this poster: Has anybody seen the pointless piece of piss recently? No, of course not, the ‘leader’ of the … Continue reading

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Trouble In Northern Ireland But Villiers Stays Back In London

A nice picture of her today sitting in the BBC studio claiming to know what is going on in Northern Ireland. It’s your job! Get over there!

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Forced Marriages: School Holidays Prompt Warning From The Foreign Office

The government has warned teachers, doctors and airport staff they need to be alert to the problem of forced marriages over the school holidays. This is a serious issue so we would like to think that the Foreign Office, run … Continue reading

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