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Hard To Decide Who Is The Most Nauseating

A case of Eton Group V Eton. They don’t give a toss for the rest of us, that’s for sure, as long as they are both raking in.

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Olympic Legacy – Damned If WE Could Find It

Well it’s a year on and we are damned if we could find any evidence of a hint of the Olympic Legacy we have heard so much about. As usual when a politician speaks: – It’s all utter bollox! Still – … Continue reading

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Glastonbury Tonight With The Eton Boys!

Shame Paul Weller isn’t back with some Eton Rifles and some blokes from Slough.

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Osborne IS The Bovine Burger Boy

Gideon Osborne demonstrates that the plebs have nothing to worry about as he returns to his old school to tuck-in to a TB Bovine Burger. Gideon-Jeffrey told us at The Field, “It was delicious,” cough, “and I would recommend one to … Continue reading

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Cameron To Raise Human Rights Allegations In Kazakhstan

Offshore Cameron has arrived in Kazakhstan, thereby becoming the first serving PM to visit the country, where he will raise allegations of human rights abuses. Let’s hope the next time he meets Barack Obama he raises the human rights abuses concerning The … Continue reading

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Oh Good! Now We Have Diseased Meat In The Food-Chain

DEFRA say it’s alright though! How can a bit of TB possibly hurt? But if the meat has TB in it anyway why are we culling badgers? Something doesn’t add up here – more smoke and mirrors. LINK

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So Just How Much Has The US Been Bugging The EU?

We suspect that a few of those who were so quick to condemn Edward Snowden this side of the pond might be having second thoughts now. LATEST The Red Herrings been thrown by the Americans might have just got even … Continue reading

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